The property / asset / fund management.

The long-time cooperation with private customers who invest regularly in real-estate as well as the acquisition of clients from the institutional investor area resulted in the fact that in addition to the pure property management we took over tasks which traditionally are carried out by the property owners and/or investors themselves. Especially with institutional investors with their office in another country it is usually impossible for them not to use external service providers who take over the asset or fund management partially or entirely.

The activity as an asset or fund manager can also include carrying out the subsequent property management via our property management department, however, it is basically an independent service.

If we advice investors during the acquisition of properties, they benefit from our profound knowledge from the commercial, legal and technical support for rental and industrial properties. It might be common for large property investors to consult external professionals, for instance engineering companies or specialist lawyers, during the acquisition of properties for the individual areas within the scope of a so-called due diligence. For instance, if this concerns the technical condition of the building, the environmental risks or the legal analyses of the tenancy agreement or other contracts. However, it can be seen that an experienced property and/or asset manager is necessary for combining the results from the individual areas, communicate them to the investor in a comprehensible way and therefore make the entire acquisition process transparent and successful.