The property management

Within the scope of our Property Management line of business, we manage residential, commercial and mixed properties of private owners, mostly in the region of Düsseldorf and in adjoining cities and regions.

With ca. 30 property managers, accounting clerks and other administrative employees in total, property management is the core activity of the Rayermann group. In addition to qualified commercial employees for the ongoing property management and accounting, we have also employees with a technical background for managing challenging renovation projects.

Due to the large management stock and our long-time activity, we can resort to a number of highly productive and reasonably priced companies of all necessary manual and other trades. If external professionals, such as specialist engineers, sworn experts or lawyers, are necessary, we can always give good recommendations.

Within the scope of our property management we provide a 24/7 emergency service and ensure thus that owners and tenants get help quickly in the case of an emergency.

We concluded framework agreements with special conditions with large insurance companies. This way, we can insure our managed properties at low insurance rates. This applies for all areas, such as residential building insurance, third-party liability insurance, legal protection insurance, advisory committee insurance.

The property management is not limited to the region of Düsseldorf and its surroundings. For some clients we manage properties nationwide. This is done in cooperation with regional partners which carry out the direct property management on site as our extension. The payment transactions and the accounting, however, will always be handled in the headquarters in Düsseldorf.