The sale and letting of properties

For many years, we have supported the acquisition, the sale or the letting of property as real-estate agents upon the special request of long-time clients. In 2008, we decided to market this service actively even though there are already many real-estate agents in the region of Düsseldorf. Two ideas were paramount for this entrepreneurial decision:

On the one hand, it seems to us that the activity as a real-estate agent rounds off our range of services with respect to properties sensibly. After having worked actively as real-estate agents for a long time, we can see that this service is accepted very well by our many clients and business partners. Many of our clients were just waiting for us to offer them real-estate agent services for selling or renting their property.
On the other hand we think that many real-estate agents are only interested in succeeding quickly and that they neglect the sustainability of the agency work. We developed some basic principles for our services for us and for our clients towards which we gear our daily work:

  • An honest consultation is the beginning of the agency success.
  • A serious implementation prevents troubles after the acquisition or sale.
  • Only an individual support allows for the different needs of the customers.
  • We ensure the comprehensive coverage and consideration of all aspects of a property transaction. It is not only about the price of a property.
  • A neutral consideration of all interests guarantees the success. The property agency is composed of two interested parties: the buyer and the seller or the tenant and the landlord.