Ludwig-Beck-Str. 5-9 in Düsseldorf

The building in Ludwig-Beck-Str. 5-9 was part of a block of former company apartments of a large company and was bought by our company Gerhard Rayermann & Co. in 2004. It was partially renovated (new roofing, renovation of the façades and the staircases) and divided into 21 cooperative apartments plus 8 garages and 4 parking spaces outside. Within 18 months we managed to sell all apartments successfully. 40 % were sold to existing tenants. This was not least due to the fact, that the privatisation of the apartments was carried out in a stepped process:

  • Assumption of the tenancy management by Rayermann Immobilien Management GmbH,
  • Start of the renovation and rectification of any accumulated defects and problems,
  • Sales call to all tenants by our marketing staff in order to explain to them our plans for the property,
  • Extensive consultation of the tenants (comparison calculations acquisition/tenancy, support for applying for financing),
  • The apartments were only offered on the market with different measures (sale poster on the façade, leaflets in the area, advertisement in newspapers and on the internet, etc) after the tenant consultations,
  • Arrangement of the management of the condominium owner’s association in the Rayermann Immobilien Management GmbH in order to ensure the continuous support of the buyers.