Our Services

Consultation for the planning of investment funds and/or investment projects:

  • Strategic planning of portfolio structures (investment targets, risk profiles, type of use of the properties, regional distribution, investment period / exit strategy).
  • Participation in the legal, fiscal planning of property companies.

Management during the acquisition of properties:

  • Identification of suitable properties, preparation of investment submittals with preliminary assessment and evaluation of the quality and location of the property.
  • Participation in the wording of a letter of intents and the negotiation of the concrete due diligence modalities.
  • Control and coordination of the due diligence (lawyers, tax consultants, engineering companies), analysis of the due diligence results and issuing of an investment recommendation.
  • Negotiation of purchase prices and other purchase conditions (such as rental guarantees, warranties, rights of withdrawal, etc.).
  • Negotiations of notarial purchase agreements in cooperation with legal consultants and notaries.

Participation in the financing:

  • Making contact with appropriate banks and other financing partners.
  • Preparation and compilation of the relevant information for the bank analysts.
  • Negotiation of the concrete financing conditions.
  • Consultation on the design of the loan agreement, if necessary in cooperation with legal consultants.

Carrying out the ongoing asset / property management:

  • Selection, control and monitoring of the property management and the financial accounting.
  • Preparation and continuous adaptation of business plans.
  • Reporting to the investors’ management or other bodies.
  • Providing analyses to the banks.
  • Exercise of the management for the investors’ German property companies.

Support during the sale of properties:

  • Consultation during and/or implementation of regroupings or disinvestments.
  • Planning the sales strategy, negotiations with agency partners.
  • Preparation of all documents for the due diligence of potential buyers, if necessary archiving in a data room.
  • Participation in inspections / sales conversations.
  • Negotiation of purchase conditions for the conclusion of purchase agreements.
  • Transfer of the property and the documents after payment of the purchase price.

Participation in the evaluation of properties:

  • Preparation of all documents for the evaluation.
  • Attending inspections.
  • Explanation and discussion of the data and/or assumptions relevant for the evaluation with the evaluation partners.

Coordination of all people / organisations involved in these processes:

  • Management bodies of the investors,
  • Auditors / tax consultants,
  • Lawyers,
  • Engineering companies,
  • Real-estate agents,
  • Notaries,
  • Banks,
  • Evaluation companies,
  • Property management.